KantoorKaravaan | Nature. Your office.

KantoorKaravaan | Nature. Your office.

Connect your work life with nature.

The KantoorKaravaan (call it a pop-up office in English) has officially launched its services during the spring of 2015, and offers unique workplaces in the middle of nature. Fully equipped with Wi-Fi internet access and other office related necessities, one can simply bring a laptop and work in a newly refurbished caravan while being surrounded by singing birds and stunning forests. Various off-grid systems, including solar panels, toilets, and kitchens, bring the most comfort to the most exciting and inspiring work sphere one can imagine.

“It is basically about working without having the feeling to actually work”, says Tom van de Beek, on of the founders of KantoorKaravaan. “If you combine our current modern technologies, such as green energy and mobile internet, with the idea of ‘going back to nature’, one can create the ideal workplace”.

For groups, the KantoorKaravaan additionally provides various facilities which can – depending on the size of the group – be used for business conferences, brainstorming sessions, leadership programmes, workshops, and more. In order to enjoy nature to its fullest extent, regular meditation sessions in the wild as well as workshops in planting fruit trees or wood-chopping deliver unique and unforgettable moments which do not only take one out of everyday urban routines, but also add to the sustainable preservation of the local natural areas.

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